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  • Land development/ Soil conservation/ Water management


    Broadly, this sector involves activities related to natural resources management, crops and cropping systems, integrated farming systems, watershed programmes, rain-fed farming, sustainable and improved agronomic practices. At Pioneer, we provide our expert consultancy services in following specific areas:

    Land Reclamation and Soil Improvement

    Reclamation of wastelands, virgin Lands, problem soils like Saline-Alkali lands, acid soils waterlogged lands.

    Soil improvement measures like silt application, drainage, integrated use of organic wastes, manures, etc.

    Reclamation of fragile ecosystems like, hill slopes, ravines, gullies etc.

    Production of organic inputs like bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides etc.

    Land leveling, shaping, lining of water courses, construction of water distribution channels, designing suitable cropping systems, irrigation scheduling, water management, drainage.

    Soil and Water Conservation

    Land leveling/shaping, Bunding, Terracing, Trenching

    Stonewall, revetment

    Gully and ravine control measures, waterways

    Water Management

    Watershed Development

    Integrated rainfed farming

    Improved agronomic practices

    Alternate land use systems based on land capability

    Improved equipments and implements for dry land farming

    Water management – efficient use of irrigation water

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