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  • Aromatic/Herbal Contract Farming


    Pioneer Aromatics & Agri Solutions works in contract farming of wide range of site-specific, organic and non-organic Indian medicinal herbs and aromatic crops. Considering the facts that farming is both challenging and exciting, we have compiled knowledge about how things grow and why some growing methods might be preferred over other methods. 

    Under our contract farming and buyback intervention programme, our farmers are provided with all assistance starting from planning, crop selection, lay-out designing, seed/ planting materials supply, pre- and post-harvest technology solutions upto the market of final produce.

    We also guide our farmers with hi-tech farm solutions like protected cultivation (poly-house/net-house), drip/ sprinkler irrigation, organic farming which reduces farm operations and labour expenses. We also help to develop farm information systems. Finally, we also facilitate the market linkage to farm produce.

    We guide through the following steps in Aromatic/ Herbal Farming:

    1.  Crop Selection

    Comparative pricing of different crops.

    Market demand and sale potential of the crop.

    Budget required for the cultivation of each crop.

    Feasibility of the crop considering soil and other agro-climatic conditions.

    Crop productivity compared with other alternatives. 

    2.  Land Preparation

    Effects of any insect-pest/ disease infestation from the previous cultivation and steps needed to minimize this impact.

    Input needed to bring land to its normal fertility depending upon the previous crops and fertilizer/ manure used.

    Layout and design of the field with respect to crop for efficient management.

    Latest techniques for leveling and developing the field. 

    3.  Seed/ Planting Material Selection

    Price and quantity needed per acre.

    Average yield and sprout to sown ratio.

    Suitability to particular area and climate.

    Water requirement.

    Resistance to diseases. 

    4.  Seed Sowing/ planting

    Appropriate time to sow the seed/ transplanting the seedlings.

    Optimal weather conditions at sowing/ planting time.

    Best method for the sowing of seeds/ transplant the seedlings.

    Seed sowing depth and planting geometry. 

    5.  Irrigation

    Critical time for irrigation.

    Amount of water to be given to the plants.

    Frequency of irrigation.

    Method of irrigation 

    6.  Crop Growth

    Number of plants per unit of area with respect to the density.

    Average growth rate of the crop in normal conditions.

    Comparison of crop growth rate, leaf size, crop color etc. with expected growth for given conditions and input.

    Interventions needed to maintain expected growth.

    Frequency, quantity and method for fertilization/ manuring.

    Proper time, frequency and method for plowing.

    Proper time, frequency and method for weeding.

    Expected insect/pest and disease attacks, symptoms of such attacks, precautionary measure to be taken in advance to avoid these attacks,

    Immediate plant protection and control actions including organic/ inorganic measures, quantity and method of pesticide application. 

    7.  Harvest and post harvest management

    Proper time and method for harvesting.

    Comparative market rates.

    Proper packing and storage of crop produce.
    Mode and cost of transportation.

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