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About Us

Pioneer Aromatics & Agri Solutions was established in 2007, with a proven performance record as agriculture consultant along with a mission to spread out the fragrance of it¹s essential oils, high value medicinal herbs and a wide range of various agri products in the international market. Only few companies mark their progress the way PIONEER did in a short span of time. The outstanding success has been achieved by following company's only vision to maintain high value agri consulting solutions and consistent quality of its exquisite and premium products.

The company is fully equipped with a team of agri experts, the most advanced processing equipments and quality control facilities. We have developed specifically tailored process packages that combine the elements required for successful agribusiness development and operations. Depending on the scope of clients¹ projects, we have the expertise to provide them with total expert services coordination, from initial planning right through to market place. According to clients¹ specific projects, we send our specialist expert growers to farm locations all over the world to manage their agricultural enterprise. Our technical experts maintain ongoing dynamic monitoring of projects to action and coordinate first hand responses to projects¹ development.

We are engaged in producing and trading quality essential oils, medicinal herbs and various other quality agri and herbal products. Strict quality assurance system is being followed in all our pre and post harvest operations. A stringent quality management is applied to streamline all the procedures and practices in operation. Continuous efforts are being made for improvement of materials and technology to deliver best quality products to our buyers.

The aromatic herbs and other farm products grown in environmentally sound conditions, come either from plantations as a renewable resource, or grow under ecological management on private lands. They are nurtured by experienced native farmers. By myriad of agri products, we are catering industries like pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, agricultural segment, etc. Today, this company exports different aromatic oils and various agri products to more than 15 countries of the world, and are proud to be known as one of India¹s major exporters in agri sector supplying our goods in stipulated time frame and in competent rates.


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