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Vetiver (Khus)

Product information

Scientific Name: Vetiveria zizanioides

Slip Size: 6 to 10 inches

Slip Colour: Green 

Varieties available: KS-1, KS-2, KH-8, Sugandha, Dharini, Gulabi, Kesari

Usage: For propagation

Age: Fresh

Origin: India

Slip Packing: In plastic net bags or as per buyer’s requirement

Slip availability: Throughout the year

General Details

Botanical Name: Vetiveria zizanioides

English Name: Khas-khas grass, Kus-Kus grass, Cuseus Grass

Hindi Name: Khas, Khus, Usira, Khas-Khas, Sugandhimula

Family: Poaceae 

Propagation: By rooted slips

Therapeutic Properties

Essential Oil: Natural Aphrodisiac, Tranquilizer, Healer, Anti-fever, Anti-arthritis, Coolant, Anti-anger, Anti-stress, Anti-septic, Anti-aging, Anti-oxidant, Anti-rheumatic, Insecticidal.

General characteristics

Vetiver, commonly known as Khus grass is a perennial aromatic grass of Indian origin. Vetiver is indigenous to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Vetiver roots contain fragrant essential oil, which is a perfume by itself. In India it is mainly used in perfumes, cosmetics, aromatherapy, food and flavouring industries. Since the plant has extensive finely structured fibrous roots, it is useful in both soil and water conservation and the plant itself is drought tolerant. 

Vetiver grass can grow up to 1 to 2 m high and form wide clumps. The plant stems are erect and stiff and the leaves are 120-150 cm long and 0.8 cm wide and rather rigid.  The essential oil of Vetiver is extracted from the roots.

In India, two types of vetiver namely ‘South Indian’ and ‘North Indian’ are generally under cultivation. North Indian types yields superior quality oil. Vetiver can be grown on almost every kind of soil. However, light soils, should be avoided as the roots grown in this soil produce very low percentage of oil.

Benefits/ Uses

Vetiver is traditionally applied directly to the skin for relieving stress, as well as emotional traumas and shock; treating lice; and repelling insects. Vetiver is sometimes inhaled as for nervousness, trouble sleeping (insomnia), joint and muscle pain (rheumatism), alleviating emotional stress, nervousness, panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, hysteria, debility and depression.

It stabilizes the mind, strengthens the nervous system, tranquilizes the mind and body, rejuvenates the entire system, boosts the immune power and induces peaceful sleep. Vetiver oil is a natural aphrodisiac that increases libido and stimulates the sexual desire.

Vetiver oil stimulates the limbic system, pacifies the mind and serves as an effective natural remedy for such health disorders. This oil strengthens the female reproductive system, aids in treating menstrual discomforts, balances female hormones and assists female infertility due to uterine problems with its gentle estrogen-like effects.

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