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  • Stevia

    We are regular supplier of dried Stevia leaves at highly reasonable prices and according to customers’ satisfaction. Stevia is an incredibly sweet and semi-humid subtropical herb. It contains a sweetener namely, stevioside which is nearly 300 times sweeter than sugar and dried Stevia leaves are presumed about 30 times sweeter than cane sugar. The sweetness of stevia also felt for long time. For cultivation, it is generally propagated through stem cuttings or rooted plants.

    Product information

    Scientific Name: Stevia rebaudiana

    English Name: Stevia, Sugar Leaf, Sweet Honey Leaf

    Hindi Name: Meethi Patti, Madhu Patra

    Family: Asteraceae

    Dried Leaf Colour: Light Green

    Usage of leaves: Medicinal

    Physical condition: Completely dried green whole leaf (without dust) 

    Origin:  Paraguay, India

    Packing: In plastic bag or as per buyer’s requirement

    Medicinal Properties

    Anti-diabetic, Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Anti-septic, Anti-fungal, Anti-microbial, Anti-viral, Anti-glycemic, Anti-hypertensive, Non-fermentative, Anti-depressant, Anti-yeast, Cardio tonic, Diuretic.

    General characteristics

    The plant is native to tropical and subtropical regions of North America and South America. It is grown widely in countries like Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay and Venezuela. Stevia leaves are 30 times sweeter than normal sugar. Stevia is a small perennial growing up to 65-80 cm tall, with sessile, oppositely arranged leaves. The flowers are white and hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) and are pollinated by Insects. The soil should be in the pH range of 6.5- 7.5; well-drained red soil and sandy loam soil. Saline soils should be avoided to cultivate this plant.

    Benefits/ Uses

    The leaves of Stevia are used for lower blood sugar, dilate blood vessels, increases urination, lower blood pressure, hypertension, depression and sweet cravings. Stevia also helps in indigestion, upset stomach, heartburn, weight loss, cold and flu, gingivitis, tooth decay, cavities, dandruff and hair loss, brittle bones or osteoporosis, streptococcus, candidiasis, bacterial infections and skin conditions such as cuts, wounds, rashes, itchiness, blemishes, acne, seborrhea, dermatitis, eczema, and wrinkles.

    It may also improve energy levels, strengthen immune system, stimulate mental activity, and may also help in withdrawal from tobacco and alcohol addiction. It is safely used in herbal medicines, tonics for diabetic patients and also in the daily usage products like mouthwashes, and tooth pastes.

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