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Our region is famous for growing best quality Akarkara roots. This Aphrodisiac herb, in habit and appearance like the chamomile, has stems that lie on the ground for part of their length, before rising erect. Each bears one large flower, the disk being yellow and the rays white, tinged with purple beneath. The leaves are smooth, alternate, and pinnate, with deeply-cut segments. The crop is generally propagated through seeds in early winters and harvested in six months after sowing.

Product Information

Scientific Name: Anacyclus pyrethrum

English Name: Mount Atlas Daisy, Pellitory, Spanish chamomile

Hindi Name: Akarkara, Akkal-Kara

Family: Asteraceae

Root Color: Brown

Usage of roots: Medicinal

Physical condition: Completely dried, healthy, thick, pungent roots

Origin: India

Packing of roots: In plastic bag or as per buyer’s requirement

Availability: Throughout the year

Medicinal Properties

Aphrodisiac, Libido stimulant, Diuretic, Expectorant, Analgesic (toothache), Androgenic, Spermatogenic, Anti-amnesiac, Anti-convulsant, Anti- pyretic, Anti-oxidant, Brain tonic.

General characteristics

Akarkara is a winter herb much like chamomile in habitat and appearance. It is found in North Africa, elsewhere in the Mediterranean region, in the Himalayas, in North India, and in Arabian countries. The plant forms a low mat of very fine, ferny grey-green leaves. Short stems of white flowers appear with a yellow crown that contains seeds, the petals often painted red or purple on the back. This is very drought tolerant, once established. It has very less water requirement for producing expected root health.

Benefits/ Uses

Akarkara is a pro-fertility and virility enhancing Indian medicinal herb used in ayurvedic, unani and herbal medicines worldwide for the treatment of men’s diseases, common cold, toothache and pyorrhea. Medicinally, its root has a pungent efficacy in relieving toothache and promoting a free flow of saliva and making it popular as a food spice.

It induces heat, tingling and redness when applied to the skin. It is helpful in various health conditions like loss of libido, impotency, erectile dysfunction, swelling in pain in gums, childhood apraxia of speech, delayed speech development, epilepsy and seizures.

It enhances male vitality and virility in addition to being a brain tonic. For treatment of premature ejaculation in males, it has been proven miracle herb. Evidence is preliminary, but it seems to be a pro-fertility agent and testosterone boosting herb with some neuro-protective effects.

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