Natural Indian Attars

Truly natural Indian attars are very rare, precious and in limited supply. The Traditional Indian attars are handmade with pride, using fresh flowers and labour intensive &¦8216;Degs & Bhapka system&¦8217; which is a hydro distillation process......More>>

Aroma Chemicals

Aroma chemicals are generally manufactured via a number of different routes, True Isolates basically derived from natural essential oils by further synthetic modifications which are further compounded into various flavors and fragrances for use in foods, cosmetics, toiletries etc..... More>>

Aromatic Oils

Aromatic oils or Essential Oils are not really &¦8220;oils&¦8221;. They are the highly concentrated and complex liquids derived from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, herbs, and seeds. They are mostly used in aromatherapy and cosmetics etc. For details of our aromatic oils.....More>>

Processed Food Products

Food processing is the set of methods and techniques used to transform raw ingredients into food for consumption by humans or animals. Here, processed food products are only for human being. For our products..... More>>

Solar Electric Fencing

Pioneer fence comes into picture as a best solution which the farmers are looking for. This electric fence provides complete solution for crop protection from wild animals&¦8217; and human beings i.e. thieves without hurting anybody&¦8217;s life......More>>

Planting Material

As an extension program, we have been taking up cultivation of some selected medicinal plants under our technical guidance and quality control with 100%..... More>>

Medicinal Herbs

Money doesn¹t grow on trees, runs the maxim. While many of us believe in it, medicinal plants have been proving this statement wrong. Heralded as the ©crops of the future¹, these plants.....More>>

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