Solar Electric Fencing

One of the broad objectives of Pioneer is to facilitate the integration of emerging agriculture into the national economy through our newly introduced ‘Fenzgard Solar generated Electric Fence”. Pioneer is authorized distributor in U.P. for Fenzgard India Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore. Purpose of Electric Fencing is to provide security through fencing solutions that are safe, reliable and durable by protecting crops from animal intrusion and deterring casual theft and to add to the Cost / Benefit Ratio for Farmers’ from a social perspective by protection of the core of their livelihood and social welfare.

Components of Solar Generated Electric Fence

a) Energizer: The heart of our electric fencing is the energizer, an imported safety certified equipment (IEC certified). The energizer produces high voltage DC pulses (4 to12 Kv), that pass through the galvanized wires, at regular intervals of 1.2 seconds. These DC pulses cause the muscles of the body to retract away from the fence, while receiving a safe, sharp, painful shock.
b) Solar Panel: Solar charging of battery makes this system environment friendly, safer, durable and reliable.
c) Lightning Diverter: The lightning diverter absorbs extra current from the atmosphere in case of cloud bursts, electric storms etc and turns or diverts it directly to the earth.
d) Fence Flasher: This tool is a visual indicator to show the fence is working properly. One can visually verify the fence condition even from a longer distance, especially during night time.
e) Digital Voltmeter: This device allows one to check the precise voltage on the fence.
f) H.T Wire: DC Electric current passes through these wires. These wires have high conductivity properties and are rust free. This cannot be cut easily using ordinary pliers.
  g) Insulators: The insulators are manufactured using virgin engineering plastics and are UV stabilized for protection against deterioration from sunlight.
h) Posts: Main and Intermediate posts are insulated to avoid earthing on the posts. This aids in maintaining optimum voltage on the fence line as well as ease of fault finding during servicing.

For further details you may visit of Fenzgard India Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore.

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